Are you planning an anniversary party for you or your parents? Are you still deciding who to hire and whether or not to have caterers? Here are some reasons to hire a professional DJ for the event: 

They'll know all the music: While you may consider yourself to be knowledgeable about music, it's not going to be nearly as much as a DJ would have. You could end up spending hours listening to bad music, in order to find the perfect song or songs to play at special moments. A DJ's job is to be familiar with a wide range of music, so they'll know just what song to play and when to play it.

Keep the pace appropriate: It can be extremely challenging to pick songs that are appropriate for the moment. Not everyone can quickly recall which songs are fast-paced and which are slower. A DJ can play fast music to get everyone excited and energetic, then switch to slow and heartfelt songs at the right moment to get people reminiscing. 

Keeps the karaoke area running smoothly: Everyone has a relative who thinks that they should have been on Canadian Idol and who will hog the microphone, if given a chance. A DJ is used to dealing with enthusiastic singers who are reluctant to give up the stage, ensuring everyone gets an equal opportunity to sing. They can also be the ones to deal with tone deaf singers so that you don't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings by ending their turn prematurely. 

Able to navigate the required fees: Did you know that you're supposed to pay a copyright fee for public performances of songs? Do you know who to pay this fee to? A DJ will be able to tell you exactly what you'll be expected to pay. The copyright fee may even be included in what you pay them, freeing you from this extra responsibility. 

No need to buy extra music: If you don't already own copies of the songs that you want played, you'll quickly find out that it can get expensive to purchase them. A DJ will already have copies of the music, ready to perform. You'll probably even find out that their fee isn't much more than it would cost to just purchase the songs.

Pick appropriate songs: A DJ like Prairie Mobile Music will know which songs contain appropriate language for a family gathering. Some of your younger relatives may not be as sensitive to language as your parents. A DJ can pick out the latest songs while avoiding those with potentially objectionable content.