Are you head of the committee to plan the women's conference for your church? If so, you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed with the knowledge that many are depending on you to make it a worthwhile event. From workshops to the right comedian, here are some ideas that might help you to make the conference a memorable one.

Get Some Help - Remember that you don't have to plan the conference by yourself. When you get several heads together, great brainstorming can happen and the result can be very positive. You'll need to consider publicity, securing a place for the conference, setting up of different rooms, food, and activities that will be part of your event.

Here's the deal: selecting the place, setting up the rooms, choosing the food and taking care of publicity are all logistic items that are not delicate in nature. Basically, you just need capable and dependable people who will make sure those things are taken care of. However, workshops and classes are a whole other matter. For example, if you are wanting a workshop on intimacy in marriage, the wrong instructor or class leader could take things in an inappropriate direction.

Since it's a church event, all lectures, classes and other presentations need to be uplifting and they need to lend themselves to building a woman's spiritual needs. Because of that, it would be smart for you to be in charge of selecting individuals who will give their presentations in good taste. Be clear in what you are wanting out of each presentation and even put it in writing.

Offer Classes - Small groups that rotate from one class to another allow for better discussions. Some good topics for classes would be to learn about how women in the Bible can influence women's lives today. For example, how did Esther present herself to the king and how can the women present themselves to their husbands? How can the women fulfill their rolls as both Mary and Martha, Christ's friends?  

Offer Fun - A great idea is to meet as an entire group for a special musician feast and a presentation from a comedian. Did you see the hilarious movie, Sister Act?  The nuns turned the popular song I Will Follow Him into a spiritual and uplifting number. A choir or soloist could do the same thing for your group.  A female comedian would be the perfect way to end your women's conference. Choose one that is known to be uplifting while she is funny. You won't have to worry about inappropriate jokes or innuendos. A Christian comedian will know how to bring humor to the women's lives and at the same time she will know how to help them to feel the importance of their worth as daughters of God. 

Don't forget to get names and addresses of everybody who helps you so that you can send thank you notes after the conference. Click here for more information